Together for the Night

We could be magical together,
I know that millions before us thought it too,
But I’ve seen it a billion times in my dreams,
My heart only beats fairy dust for you.

This can transcend all my cynicism
That I’ve buried deep down in
the wells of my veins,
Acting like I’m only too happy
to wait for love
When I’ve spent all my life
evading it,
You make me fearless.

I don’t just want to be a smart girl that
might never discover her potential anymore,
Don’t care about impressing everyone,
Don’t care about changing the world,
Perhaps that was never possible for me,
Maybe I was just born to meet you.

And I know that’ll never be enough for me,
But it’s enough right now, in this moment,
The only moment there’ll ever be
Because it’s the only one that matters,
When every nerve ending in my body
is begging for you to be closer,
To encompass all of me,
Teach me what love is for the very first time,
And convince me that this is the only kind there is.

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