Lost and Found

The literati mafia

Dropping bread crumbs
Under the canopy of this dark forest,
Hoping someone will find me
But only the snakes follow,
Piercing me with poisonous thoughts
And fangs that leave incurable scars.

What if no one’s looking?
What if no one cares?

My desperation reaches new heights,
The bread starts dripping with my blood
And the vultures make a feast,
They don’t want me found by the good,
Only by the witch that means to consume me,
My soul being her only key to heaven.

What will be left when my flesh is gone?
A cautionary tale of chasing lost dreams?

However, I’m clever and quick,
Filled with too much pride
To be caught by the blind,
Their lies may taste like candy,
But they slow my feet and make me sick.

This is me, a girl fuelled my ambition
And a talent for surviving when no one is watching.


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