It feels like drowning,
Hoping someone will save you,
But knowing they won’t.

And as the water is pulling you in,
You think to yourself finally,
At least something wants you.

It feels like drowning but in reality,
I know how to swim,
Sometimes sinking is just easier.

It’s not necessarily a want to die,
It’s just a ‘what if?’ that fills the hole in your chest,
An option when your body gets tired of fighting the waves.

It feels like drowning except not really,
Because eventually the water suffocates you
And everything stops, ends, finishes.

But I just keep going.


7 comentarios en “Depression

  1. Thank you! Your words speak to me. This is exactly what I feel right now. I’m dealing with depression and it’s not something I can easily talk about especially to the people who are close to me. Not everyone can understand it.

    Me gusta


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