You pressed your lips to mine
And breathed life back into me
After my lungs had given up
The impossible task of keeping me alive
When I found no incentive
To do so on my own.

But life moves on, the Earth keeps spinning
The hands on the clock keep ticking,
And I find that gratitude has no gravitational pull.

It wasn’t enough for Eve, who took a whole rib,
To not be seduced by the serpent’s promises,
Because at the end of the day, she was a woman,
And the greatest defect of women is that we have our own minds,
We make our own choices.

She, like I, did not ask for a life
Where we are only meant to fulfill a desire
You think you deserve,
Furthermore, my life is not important to you
Except in how it affects your physical state,
And I am not beholden to a promise I did not make.

However, if the oxygen you gave me
Was really an act of selfless love
Instead of a masturbatory investment,
Then you’ll be happy to know
I’ve taken full advantage to seek out
All the joy I could not find in our past.



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