Inside my head,
I’m so fucking wrong,
I have to be wrong.

In between our lips,
Our one fatal sin,
Our sweet blissful sin.

Inside my heart,
I’ll never be loved,
How could I ever be loved?

Down on my knees,
God, please change who I am,
Don’t let this be who I am.

And if there’s love I’m meant to feel,
It’s been hidden beneath the shadows of hate,
A coldness wrought from your frozen hell,
Because my heart wasn’t meant for hatred,
That’s the whole fucking point.

God chose me to love. Satan chose you to hate.
Whose assignment is holiest? Whose fruit tastest the sweetest?

You think I can’t hear them;
I know you can’t fucking stand me;
It’s all you ever see when you look at me.

You think we can’t hear them,
But they’re as loud as gunshots,
In a crowded club.


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