My sweet, spring child,
It’s time to learn that
anger doesn’t fuel you,
It only wears you down,
It’s a broken compass
That nearly destroyed you
When the string was cut.

You’re made of love
The opposite of anger,
And that scares you,
Because you’ve always
been scared, even if
It was always wrong.

See, she had to go eventually,
And you always knew that,
Felt that hole before it existed,
But you didn’t think about
Who you’d be without her,
You didn’t want to imagine it.

But this is who we are,
Molded by obliged strength,
Knowing memories aren’t lost,
And struggling to understand
That maybe they’re not meant to be,
Because a picture without shadows
Only has imaginary characters,
But this wasn’t imaginary,
And the reason it wasn’t easy
Was because it was never meant to be.

This is what your heart was meant for,
Understanding when everything
Stops being comprehensible,
Learning that letting go doesn’t
Mean hiding the pain,
It means accepting the pain
Because it’s supposed to hurt,
Everything that can heal will,
You just have to give it that chance.

It doesn’t mean you don’t love her,
Doesn’t even mean you love her
Despite of everything else,
Because you never wanted that,
You wanted things to be simple,
And you wanted things to be whole,
But it’s not your fault that they weren’t.

There’s no guilt in not forgetting,
Because that’s how you accept someone,
Let go of things that weren’t anyone’s fault,
And that’s how you come to understand
That you love her as a whole,
And not as a light without a shadow.

It’s the different between
Imaginary and unconditional love.


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