Valentine’s Day

I’ve never been good
At remembering birthdays,
The month sticks in my mind,
But numbers are slippery.

When I was little,
My mother would get upset,
If I forgot her birthday,
And eventually I realized
That her birthday was
Right after Valentine’s Day,
I didn’t always remember
It was the 14th either
But the ads on TV told me
That it was time to buy a gift.

I know that I’ve always
Been a bit hard to love,
Too much personality
In such a little body,
A lot like my mother,
Who had more eccentricities
Than pounds on the scale.

I wonder if it’s any harder
To love a girl that’s always
Thinking about death
As Valentine’s Day approaches,
I know it’s not very romantic,
But the association is bone deep.

To be entirely honest,
It’s harder to make someone
Willing to compromise for love
When you know that need is relative,
Because I need my mother
A whole lot more than I need
Anyone else in this whole wide world,
But my heart is still beating
And my lungs are still breathing,
And that’s all the proof I need
To believe I don’t need you either.

I wonder if it’s any harder
To love a girl who knows
Exactly how much endings
Hurt, because it sure as hell
Feels a lot harder to give
That away with it in mind.

I’ll let you take that challenge,
But please, please, please,
Don’t buy me roses for
Valentine’s Day.


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