An esoteric healer told me
My root chakra was out of balance,
And I felt like he was just a conman,
That it’s easy to see I drift
From place to place almost by accident,
So it’s not a hard sell telling me
Something I already know about myself,
But I place my hands on the soft earth
And try to feel a sense of belonging,
I feel the soil mold itself around my fingers like
It’s been waiting for me all this time.

Really, I know I belong here,
Not always around people, just here,
Feel this desire in my inner being
To improve upon this world that is mine,
They say that that’s common in souls
That have gone through many cycles,
And I don’t know what that means,
But maybe there’s some rhyme or reason
To why I always thought I’d die young,
Some inner paranoia carried over to this life;
Would I sense that if my root chakra were blocked?

Still I eat beets, strawberries and tomatoes,
Because I certainly don’t want to be unbalanced,
Even knowing he’s wrong, or quite possibly lying,
Because I can go to sleep and choose to have vivid dreams,
Which means that if this is all real, if it’s true,
Then my third eye chakra is awake, which it wouldn’t be,
It couldn’t be, if my root chakra were actually blocked.

See, that’s the problem with lying to strangers,
Telling them they have no purpose, no ambitions,
Telling them they don’t matter, they don’t belong,
Sure, he didn’t say that, just said that I believed that,
Inception – it’s the best way to lie to people,
But you have to know the person you’re lying to,
Know that just because you think you see something
Doesn’t mean they don’t know their own minds,
It also doesn’t mean that they don’t know esoteric practices
Even if they don’t quite believe in all of them,
Because the stars, the lines on my hand, tarot cards,
They all say the same thing, that I’m here to heal,
That I have a purpose, that I matter, that I belong here.

You don’t have to like me,
You don’t have to care,
But if you believe in predetermination
Or in the willfulness of this universe,
You don’t get to negate destiny
And you certainly don’t decide mine
Even if you try to trick me into ending it myself.

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