Absolute Truths

And if we find that
I don’t have the words
To describe fully formed truths
Like the rise of the sun
Or the beat of a heart,
Doest it matter in the end?

Apparently yes.

I traced the lines of a boy’s hand,
Let my fingertips do the talking,
Felt bird song in my chest at the way he smiled,
And he said those magic words so many times,
While smoking a cigarette at my desk,
Whispered into my hair, into my skin,
But every time it felt like asking and taking,
I observed then what I always suspected;
Words are a form of currency sometimes,
If you give them too much value.

I can hear words, time and time again,
I’ve never learned how to truly believe them,
And I can use words, yes, string them together,
But is the only proof of my affection a test
Of how convincingly I can lie to an audience,
Is that really what you want?

Every time we went to the airport,
You liked watching the planes take off,
So I bought you a model airplane,
Imagined that smile you get sometimes,
When youth transcends age,
And I remember long drives,
Falling asleep in the passenger’s seat of a fancy car,
Remember the salt of popcorn at the movie theater,
And how you always ate it far too quickly,
Remember how you woke me up
In the mornings with scrambled eggs,
And made porridge sweet as dessert
With coffee creamer when money was low.

Love is not a formation of letters and sounds,
Twisted together by tongues and voices
That know how to lie, convincingly or not,
It comes together in a constellation of quiet moments,
Filled with laughter, filled with sadness,
Filled with absolute boredom,
And you should know that by now,
That that’s what truly matters.

What I know about absolute truths is this,
Water doesn’t freeze at zero degrees
Because scientists say it has to.

It just happens.

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