Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher

They’re always there on the Christmas platter,
Surrounded by polvorones and turrón,
And I avoid them, tell myself Lindt has new flavors,
As if I really care about a coconut truffle,
And pretend the Ferrero Rocher isn’t there,
That I can’t even see it, treat it like poison,
Not entirely sure the taste wouldn’t make me sick.

Ferrero Rocher

Last time I had one of those chocolates
I was twenty-three years old and making a point,
I didn’t get sick, I didn’t cry,
I didn’t even throw them away,
But memories are still memories,
Indistinct yet piercing,
And I’m much too sensitive
To leave yesterday behind me.

Ferrero Rocher

Memories of going to the grocery store,
A pack of three, perfect for a family with an only child,
And the last time my mom bought them
I told her she couldn’t, because it wasn’t the same,
That she couldn’t just split the third down the middle,
And she didn’t, as long as I could remember, she didn’t.

Ferrero Rocher

Ghost of the pasts,
Memories of unity,
Always there at Christmas,
If only I were seven again.

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