Time Passing

Time passes too quickly

I heard it so much as a girl,
When the passing seasons
Crawled forward with their slow gait,
Weeks were marked by deadlines
For upcoming projects and tests,
Waiting and hoping and lusting
For the glamour and glitz of adulthood.

Yet now it feels like I blinked my eyes
And the reflection looking back at me
Is no longer an eighteen year old girl
Made of porcelain skin and nice smiles,
But rather a woman with mature eyes
And organs that have suffered
From foretold yet premature losses.

I find that time does indeed pass quickly,
But not just for mothers and fathers
That grasp onto seconds like sand slipping
Between their desperate fingers,
But rather for anyone and everyone who
Has ever known what it is like to love,
Even before they learned that there’s a day
When a phone call tomorrow doesn’t exist.

There’s not enough time for a girl to be a daughter,
And unless tragedy strikes even less to be a grandchild,
But even knowing that some cords snap
Before the earth swallows up every missed opportunity,
I find myself holding on to the strings of broken spirits
Because hearts only know the meaning of infinity,
They don’t care for silence, they don’t wait for apologies.

So yes, time passes much too quickly,
Leaving behind the could-have-beens
Would-have-beens and only ifs,
Teaching us that the I-love-you
We feel the hardest and mean the most
Is the one we never got to say.

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