About Me

My name is Richela, although I answer to Chela as well. I am 27 years old and live in Madrid, the capital of a country that has really cheap alcohol and, in the summer, a sun that doesn’t set until 10 PM. I started writing when I was eight years old and still in the ESL program within a public school in the United States. Initially I started out writing fantasy, but I have slowly made my way to realistic fiction that usually has some component of romance.

I find people deeply fascinating so a lot of my short stories are mostly character studies for me, which is why they often feature characters that I find unlikeable or the kind of people we wouldn’t generally root for and see if I can make them relatable. My poetry is more personal, because I started writing it when I was 12 as an outlet for my emotions. It still mainly is that, although sometimes I also write about things people around me are going through or just try to capture a particular emotion through a different narrative than my own. I occassionally write essays about things I find important, but that’s more rare, because even when I am trying to say something, I enjoy the artistic side of writing much more than the persuasive side.

The main thing I’m trying (and hopefully succeeding) to achieve throughout most if not all of my writing, though, is to capture real life emotion. Sometimes my writing can be a bit controversial, because I am a controversial character in this weird society we are living in, but I have chosen to acknowledge it, make the point that my goal often isn’t to be controversial and make absolutely no effort to change it because I did not start a blog to censor myself. If you’re okay with that, then cool. If you’re not, then that’s cool too, you don’t have to keep reading, live your life.

I am also a member of The Literati Mafia and if you enjoy my stuff you will definitely enjoy the work of the other member. So check it out.