After the Fire

…And the smoke clears,
The sky is streaked with pink,
The clouds are so puffy
they’re almost cartoonish,
Everything is as it was,
Except me, I’ve changed.

In the ashes, I see a baby sleeping,
And I pick her up and hold her to my chest,
Quiet and peaceful and tender,
Sweet the way innocence always is,
And I need to protect her,
It’s my new mission in life.

Her eyes are big and brown,
And they stare in fascination
At things she yearns to understand,
And she smiles at strangers,
Addicted to the attention adoration inspires;
She loves the world unconditionally.

I bathe her, and I feed her, and I care for her,
I keep her away from scales and harmful advice,
I make her steer clear from poisonous people,
And I praise her and love her and give her attention,
Because that’s all she really wants, all she really needs.

I tell her she doesn’t need to be strong and it’s okay to cry,
It’s okay to talk and it’s okay to scream and it’s okay to be mad,
You don’t have to the person everyone needs you to be,
And you don’t have to feel guilty for being yourself.

But as innocent and naive as she is, she doesn’t believe me,
And that’s the problem, I can’t shelter her from herself,
And how can I blame others for not trying when they would have failed?

But I do. Because I was the only one trying to put out the fire,
I shouldn’t have been the only one. When someone needs your help,
When someone is that close to death. Someone should care.

I’m not sorry anymore I am not who you want me to be,
Because it takes a village and I only had myself.

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